Sliding doors have a number of benefits for homeowners. They take up less space, allow for ease of entry, and let in natural light, provided they are the type constructed from glass. Sliding doors are energy efficient and many offer enhanced security.

Technically, a sliding door is any kind of door that ‘slides’ through a track on the top. A common example would be the sliding patio door, but there are actually many types. Before we look at the installation costs, let’s examine some of the different types of sliding doors.

Types of Sliding Doors

It’s important to understand the different kinds of sliding door options and differentiate them from hinged doors. Flush, panel, glass, double, and pocket doors are generally those that are hinged. They swing outwards/inwards against the wall. In contrast, sliding doors slide horizontally. They include:

  • Bypass – These have tracks on both the top and bottom. They are always made of 2 panels. These are typically used for wardrobes and storage areas, sometimes to separate the bathroom and bedroom. It slides in one direction only and the door is always half or fully closed. They are usually made of lightweight material like wood or aluminium. They are more decorative than functional.
  • Sliding – The most common type. The best example would be the patio door, which slides on a track. The patio door can be one single large panel that swings to the left or right. Alternatively, it can be made of two units, one sliding to the left and the other to the right.
  • Bifold – Bifold doors slide and fold at the same time. They are a very elegant solution that can be used for the exterior or the interior. Glass Bifold doors are perfect as they allow a lot of light inside and look amazing. They can also be made of strengthened glass and enhanced to prevent unwanted guests. A Bifold door will typically have at least 4 panels. They are best described as pairs of doors that fold together neatly, conserving space.
  • Concertinas/Accordions – These are often mistakenly described as Bifold doors. The difference is that they are made of a softer material and are usually used internally to separate rooms. The folding mechanism is the same but they will typically have more panels, thus folding like an accordion.

Of course, this is only a basic distinction on the type. The sliding doors type will also depend on the material used (glass, aluminium, wood, etc), the quality of material (reinforced bush fire tested glass, varnished oak, etc),  internal or external, and any additional features or enhancements. Sliding doors are nearly always manual, not operated by remote.

Factors Affecting Sliding Door Installation in Perth

Now that we know the difference between some of the many, many, many sliding door options, let’s approach the cost. The cost of a sliding door installation will depend on:

  • Door Type – Bifold doors will cost more than a typical pocket door. Some types of doors are easier to install. Sliding doors are more expensive to install than hinged/swing doors as they require a track.
  • Replacement – If you are replacing a swing door with another, no problem. If you are replacing a swing door with a sliding door, big problem. The cost is going to increase and the install will be more complex.
  • Weight – A heavy door will require 2 labourers to install. While the callout/base fee might remain the same, the rate could double if it is an hourly charge.
  • Size/Quantity – The bigger, the more expensive. Two panels are going to cost double the price of one.
  • Door Material – Many sliding doors will be offered in glass with a PVC panel. Aluminium doors tend to be more expensive than wood, though this does depend on the wood type.
  • Specialised Doors – There are many high-quality manufacturers offering specialised doors that look great and also provide exceptional security. These are better than typical offerings, but they simply cost more.
  • Installation – You will pay a direct installation fee. For a typical and simple hinge door, you can hire a carpenter or labourer, and this should cost you less than $180. For a specialised door, you will need to contact the merchant for a custom installation.
  • Extras and Enhancements – Higher quality locks, reinforced glass panels, stylish door knobs, smart locks, deadbolts: all this will impact the installation cost and total cost. For external doors, it’s worth paying extra for peace of mind.
  • Internal vs External – Internal doors are often easier to install and are typically lighter. Thus, they are frequently cheaper.

Another factor to consider is security. If the sliding door is rated as a security door (meaning it has passed the Australian regulations to be officially regarded as a security door), then it is probably going to retail a little more expensively.

Perth Homeguard offers security level sliding doors, meaning you can get the benefit of an elegant sliding door with the privacy and safety of a locked vault. Ease, elegance, convenience, and strength in one.

Cost per Sliding Door Type

The cost of a sliding door will depend on the size, type, and material. The following table will give you an indication of the cost per door type. This only accounts for the cost of the door, not the hourly/fixed cost for the install.

Material And Style Dimensions Cost
Hollow Timber 2040 X 820 X 35mm $120 – $190 (Depending On Finish)
Solid Timber 2040 X 820 X 35mm $180 – $290 (Depending On Finish)
Timber 4 Panel 2040 X 820 X 35mm $320 – $450
Timber Single Panel Glaze 2040 X 820mm $280 – $450
Timber Double Panel Glaze 2040 X 820mm $300 – $590
Aluminium Sliding Glazed Entry 2100 X 1800mm +  900mm Wide Sliding Panel $600 – $700
Aluminium Sliding Glazed Entry 2100 X 2400mm + 1200mm Wide Sliding Panel $780 – $950
Aluminium Sliding Glazed Entry 2100 X 3600mm +1 1200mm Wide Sliding Panel $1,100 – $1,500
Ribbed Roller Door 2400 X 2515mm $1,500 – $1,600
Ribbed Roller Door 2400 X 3000mm $1,700 – $1,850
Ribbed Roller Door 3000 X 3000mm $1,850 – $2,100

How can I Install a Sliding Door?

There are many steps involved in a sliding door installation, and it will depend on what kind of door you are using. The following steps assume you are replacing an existing sliding door with a purchased pre-hung sliding door.

  1. Remove The Old Door – Use a utility knife to cut through the caulk and paint. When the caulk is cut, pry the interior trim away with a crowbar. The trim will need to be reinstalled once the new door is attached. The new door can be quite heavy to lift out of place, so get a friend. Lift it up and out of the track. Remove any nails that are holding the frame in place.
  2. Check Door Frame – Use a shim to ensure that the door frame is perfectly smooth and level. If the frame is a little large for the sliding door you purchased, nail in some thin strips of plywood and sand it down as needed.
  3. Flashing – Apply flashing to the door frame. This is a kind of waterproof tape that protects against rain.
  4. Set Door Frame – With a friend, set the door frame into place. Don’t install it backwards!
  5. Fix The Screws – Screw the frame into place and add insulation. Use the same screws from the old sliding door. Use a level to make sure that the door is perfectly level.
  6. Glass Panels Installation – With the help of your friend,  lift the first section of the sliding door. Set the bottom in place on the track in the door frame, and then press the top portion of the door in place too. Repeat with the second section. You can also attach the metal handles as well as the lock clasp.
  7. Trim Reattachment – Now you can securely reattach the trim that you removed earlier on in step 1.
  8. Screen Adjustment – Finally, it’s time to snap the screen into place at both the top and the bottom.

If all this sounds like too much, it’s because it probably is. And you could easily make mistakes along the way. Call Perth Homeguard for an easy install. We have 30 years of experience and make sliding door installation a breeze.

What is the hourly cost of sliding door installation in Perth?

Strictly speaking, the cost of installation will be relatively low. For a very basic sliding door, you will pay $40 an hour with a typical installer. It should take between 1 – 3 hours. For the installation of a complex sliding door, however, you will probably be paying around $60 an hour, as it requires more expertise. If it’s a big heavy door, you might need 2 labourers. This price relates specifically to the labour cost and excludes the product itself.

Are glass sliding doors secure?

Many people believe that glass sliding doors are a security concern. But many glass sliding doors are made from glass that is very difficult to break and resistant to fire. There are additional security features that can be added such as locks, security bars, and screens to maximise security levels. So you can have a security level glass sliding door with significant aesthetic appeal.

How do I know If I am getting a fair price for my sliding door installation in Perth?

Ask for an itemised notation for every single piece. This means that all the costs are broken down for you, including the frame, door jamb, demolition of the existing frame, base fee, etc. It’s also best to work with a business that you know and trust. Failing this, verify the credentials of the installer and ensure they have been in the industry for a long time. Longevity is a sure sign of trustworthiness.

How can I reduce the price of sliding door installation costs in Perth?

If you select stock items instead of getting the doors customised, you will be saving yourself a lot of money. But sliding doors are best approached as an investment as opposed to a sunk cost. Many are thermally efficient, ensuring you will save on electricity bills. Security sliding doors can prevent theft and vandalism – so by paying more, you could end up paying less. Security is not an area you want to skimp out on, though you can work with long-standing companies that offer a great compromise between the most secure sliding doors and at the best value for money.

This is what Perth Homeguard has managed to do with its elegant yet powerful range of sliding security doors in Perth. We manufacture and install all of our sliding security doors. So you get factory-direct prices and 30 years of professional installation experience. All of our installers are police-licenced.

Call us now on (08) 9209 8100 for free quotes and affordable sliding door installation.

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