How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost In Perth?

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost In Perth?

Roller shutters are an amazing addition to any home. They look great and help to secure your property, while also assisting in terms of thermal efficiency. As the name suggests, they roll up and down as needed for convenience.

But the roller shutters cost depends on what kind you are looking for and how many extra features you choose. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the cost of roller shutters. But first, let’s take a look at some of the different types.

Roller shutter types explained

There are many ways to differentiate roller shutters. First, you can distinguish them based on what material they are made of. They will be made from either aluminium, steel, timber, or polycarbonate. They can also be filled with insulation foam. Most often, they will be made from aluminium or steel. At least, the strongest and most long-lasting ones will be.

Roller shutters can also be distinguished by their mode of operation. They will be either manual, electric, or battery. Electric rollers can be operated with a remote, and manual shutters will be operated by hand. Electric-operated roller shutters are more expensive but also more convenient. They also tend to last longer as the rollup action is smoother.

Next, you can also classify roller shutters by their area of use, or where they are installed. Roller shutters can be used in residential, commercial, or industrial applications. The difference here is mainly their size but also their level of security. The larger the enterprise, the more they need protection and security.

Finally, roller shutters can be defined by their design function. This is mainly broken out by their intended use for domestic, cyclone, or security protection. Domestic shutters are mostly installed for privacy as opposed to security. Cyclone roller shutters are designed to resist cyclones and protect property from damage. And security roller shutters are professionally tested to prevent intruders across various infiltration metrics. There is a significant degree of overlap between these categories.

 Where are roller shutters used?

From a domestic standpoint, roller shutters will be placed in either the door or the windows. Typically, you will have them on the front doors and windows, as it can be overkill having them all over the house.

They are also used in commercial storefronts as well as industrial warehouses and containers. Garage door roller shutters are also quite popular. They are simply roller shutters that are built to a larger size.

What are the advantages of roller shutters?

Roller shutters can enhance the privacy of your home and increase security. They are a great deterrent to criminals. If a burglar sees a secure roller shutter, they won’t even try – they prefer open doors and windows.

Roller shutters are also thermally efficient. In commercial and industrial areas, roller shutters are a necessity. They can also reduce noise. Higher-quality roller shutters can protect you in the event of fires, storms, and debris. They can also increase home value.

Are roller shutters worth the cost?

It’s best to look at roller shutters as an investment as opposed to a sunk cost. You are protecting your home from theft in a big way. A security grade roller shutter with a good lock essentially means that you are pretty much impervious from theft in that entry point, except in very unusual circumstances.

What Factors May Affect the Cost of Your Roller Shutters?

There are many factors that affect the roller shutters cost.  A big one is the cost of installation. You can’t install roller shutters by yourself, as it will void the warranty, and they are simply too big to lift. High-quality businesses that offer specialty shutters will have a team of installation experts that are experienced in the install of those particular shutters. It’s best to take advantage of this service.

The primary costs of roller shutters can be broken down as follows:

  • Size – Generally, bigger roller shutters are more expensive. This is actually one of the main influences on price. Larger roller shutters are also more difficult to transport and install.
  • Security Level – Security-grade roller shutters will be more expensive due to their enhanced resilience. The same can be said for cyclone shutters. Expect a $200 increase for cyclone shutters compared to similar shutters not designed for this purpose.
  • Installation – The price for this can range from $100 – $400 depending on complexity. Some providers will offer free installation.
  • Material – Roller shutters are made from steel, aluminium, timber, or polycarbonate. Some of these materials are more expensive than others.
  • Mode of Operation – Manual shutters are the cheapest but need to be operated by hand (sometimes giving users a bit of a hassle). They can also break more frequently from wear and tear or rough handling. Electric roller shutters are a little more expensive than manual and might be worth the convenience. Battery-operated shutters are the most expensive.
  • Customisation – Custom-made doors can easily add 20-30% to the cost. If you want special colours, finishes, or materials, it can always be done, but the cost will rise proportionally.

Average roller shutters cost

So, how much can you expect to spend for an average roller shutter cost? You can only start toward an accurate estimate if you have more details about the kind of roller shutter you need. The following table will give you a general idea of the cost per roller shutter type in Australia. It does not include installation costs or additional fees, just the cost of the roller shutters themselves.

Roller Shutter Type Roller Shutter Size Roller Shutters Cost
Manual Domestic 800mm X 1200mm $350
Manual Domestic 1200mm X 1800mm $500
Electric Domestic 800mm  X 1200mm $550 – $750
Electric Domestic 1200mm X 1800mm $700 – $900
Manual Commercial 800mm X 1200mm $650 – $750
Manual Commercial 1200mm X 1800mm $800 – $1000
Electric Commercial 800mm X 1200mm $700 – $800
Electric Commercial 1200mm X 1800 $900 – $1100

The best way to understand the cost of roller shutters is to call up your local company for a custom quote. Average costs will always only be a rough guide.

How much do roller shutters cost per window?

The roller shutters cost per window is a lot cheaper in comparison to doors. Window shutters can be made from wood, hardwood, wood composite, vinyl, PVC, aluminium, or a range of other materials. This will affect the price. As a general rule of thumb, you might pay around $300 – $400 per square metre for installation and supply.

Roller shutter repair and maintenance cost

There is an initial cost to purchase and install the roller shutter. But even if the price for this is high, you should also take into account the money you will save in terms of longevity, repairs, and maintenance. High-end or high-quality roller shutters will last longer, need less maintenance, and come with a warranty for free repair if anything malfunctions.

You should maintain your roller shutter every three to six  months with a lubricant such as WD-40. The smoother you can make the roller shutter, the longer it will last. It is also recommended to get professional servicing every two years or so.

Roller shutter repairs can cost around $400 – $500 for a manual model and $700 – $900 for an electric or battery version. This is a big drawback of automatic units. They are not that much more expensive to purchase, but they can be a lot more expensive to repair. Given the expensive price of roller shutter repair, you can see the benefit in high-quality installs and regular maintenance so they don’t need a repair often (if ever).

Why are roller shutters so expensive?

They are heavy and difficult to install and are built to last decades with the right maintenance. In fact, as compared to what they provide, roller shutters cost is actually quite reasonable. You have an easy, secure method to enter your home, garage, or business. You also have a lot of flexibility in terms of design, cost, and customisation.

To reduce the roller shutters cost and maximise the quality, consider Perth Homeguard. We can offer you premium security roller shutters at factory-direct prices.

Can I install my own roller shutter?

You might get away with installing a small manual roller shutter on a door or window, or you could hire a handyman. But anything beyond this will often require a specialised install. You need to measure everything perfectly. Beyond a certain size, most roller shutters need to be electrically operated as they are simply too heavy. The heavier and bigger the roller shutter, the more complex the install, and it is a better idea to call a professional.

Where can I find more information on high-quality roller shutters?

The best bet is to call Perth Homeguard and let us know what you are looking for. We have 30 years of experience, and all shutters are tested to standards. Why waste time with lower quality products?

We manufacture and install our security level roller shutters, and you get factory direct prices. It means your shutters will last for a long time, and you can rest easy knowing you have the best roller shutters money can buy. You can also check out our helpful blog on the different door types, materials, and security precautions to secure your home for more information.

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