A security door is a surefire way to ensure the protection of your home or business. It allows you peace of mind as these doors have been tested to withstand a variety of attack vectors. Yet there are multiple kinds of security doors with differing degrees of quality. The cost of a security door will be a function of many variables.

By understanding the different kinds of security doors and their components, you can also determine the costs for each type and which security door is most suitable for your circumstances.

All things considered, the average you might pay is between $800 – $1,750 for your security door including the installation. This will depend on numerous factors, which we will break down below.

What’s a security door anyway?

Unfortunately, due to legislative oversight, security screens and security doors are defined as the same thing.

A security screen, security door, or security screen door must pass the following tests under AS 5041 to keep out burglars:

  • Dynamic impact test
  • Jimmy test
  • Pull test
  • Probe test
  • Shear test
  • Knife shear test

AS 5039 and AS 5040 allow for the design and installation standards, respectively. But AS 5041 is arguably the most important. If a security door passes these tests, then you know that the door is fit for its purpose. This is the first thing to look out for when you are buying a security door. If it has not passed these tests, then it’s not a security door, regardless of what the seller tells you!

Factors determining security doors cost

There are multiple criteria that determine the cost of a given security door. Some will carry greater weight than others. The important thing is to identify the details that are most relevant to what you are looking for.

#1 – Size

The overall size of the security door is going to be a large determinant of cost. Obviously, the bigger the door, the more you are going to pay for it. A typical size for a security door in Perth might be 860mm x 2100mm.

#2 – Material

The door material will have a large effect on the overall price. For example, steel will cost more than aluminium. There are also different kinds of steel and different kinds of aluminium options. Generally, most security doors will be made of one or a mixture of these metals. Other options include fibreglass, hardwood, and wrought iron.

#3 – Installation

Some installations might require an extra labourer. Scaffolding might be required in other instances. A security door is only going to be as secure as the quality of installation. Where possible, it’s best to look for a police-licensed installer. The price of a standard installation will typically be around $400.

#4 – Production Quality

Some security doors offer amazing warranties and have gone through a rigorous manufacturing process, above and beyond what is required from the official standards. Components will be expertly fitted, and the door might come with enhanced security features. This quality will come at an increased cost. However, cheaper security doors will cost you more in the long term if you have to repair or replace them often.

#5 – Type

There are various types of security doors such as bi-fold, french doors, and stacking. This will affect how easy they are to install and how difficult they are to manufacture. These factors, in turn, will ultimately affect how much you pay for them. There are also numerous brands such as Crimsafe, Tru Frame, and Master that come with different price tags.

#6 – Additions

There are a plethora of add-ons available that could increase security door prices. You might want a specialised lock, a customised finish, a wood effect, or new tracks for a sliding security door. You may need to replace the frame, as there is little point in having a world-class security door attached to a weak frame. Non-standard colour options will also incur a fee. Cyclone-tested security doors will also cost more.

Security doors average cost

There is definitely a wide variance in terms of security door prices in Perth. Your best bet is to simply call up a local supplier for a free quote. It could cut down on your research time, and you’ll get the answers directly with increased accuracy rather than trying to figure it all out on your own.

But we can still give some general guidelines as to the average costs of standard-sized security doors. Remember: this is separate from installation. The table below should serve as a good indication to get you started.

Material Price
Fibreglass $300 – $600
Steel $400 – $800
Hardwood $600 – $1,200
Wrought Iron $1,000 – $4,000
Steel-Encased Hardwood $2,500 – $3,500
Security Gates $1,500 – $2,500

Security doors installation cost

As mentioned previously, the cost of security doors is separate from the installation. The average cost for installation would be between $300 – $800. Most installations will be on the lower end of the scale, but certain items will increase this cost. If you have a particularly large security door or a very specialised security door, then it will take longer to install.

If the old frame needs to be removed to install the security door, this might add an extra $300 to the price. This is known as reframing and is one factor that could easily increase the total price. There may be additional costs if you need to take away an existing security door and for any necessary touch-ups.

Ultimately, the installation is not an area you want to skimp out on. It’s worth hiring professional and experienced installation specialists so you are getting your money’s worth. The end result is a security door that lasts for a long time and serves its purpose.

Are security doors worth it?

Of course. In most instances, a burglar will not even try opening a security door. They will quickly see the strength of the door and venture elsewhere. The doors are tested to be burglar proof and while no method is 100% secure, it’s not practical for a criminal to spend an hour in broad daylight to cut through a security door using specialised equipment.

In contrast, regular doors are easy to shimmy open or pick. They typically feature weak locks and lower quality components. With a security door, you have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe, at least where the security doors are installed. With modern innovations, security doors also look aesthetically pleasing with numerous finish options.

How can I get lower security door prices in Perth?

It’s best to be realistic. You can often get a quality security door purchased and installed for around $1,200 total. It’s the extra features that quickly add up to the final price, but you can do well with basic components that serve their purpose.

It’s best to avoid self-installation. You might be saving $400 but could damage the integrity of the door itself, defeating the purpose. What you can do, if you’re comfortable with DIY projects, is remove the old door and replace the frame in advance. If you know how to do this, it is a potential way to reduce security door prices.

If you opt for a basic lock and a standard security door without enhancements to keep your costs down, it will still function. Just make sure that it meets all the standards of a security door and your home or business will be secure.

Many suppliers will offer financing solutions so you can pay the door off over a longer time period. This is relevant if you are looking for an expensive and comprehensive security system for your Perth residence. With 10-year warranties on the best security doors, you know your doors are going to last.

The real cost of security doors in Perth

You will likely pay between $800 – $1,750 for your security door in Perth including installation.  If you want extra security features or additions, then the price will go up beyond this. However, a security door is a security door. If it passes the tests, then it will serve to keep out burglars effectively.

For the highest quality security doors and the highest quality installation, contact Perth Homeguard. We offer a 10-year warranty, a police-licensed install, and have been in business in Perth for over 30 years. You’ll benefit from factory direct pricing and a 100% free home assessment. We are a family-run local business that takes pride in the quality of our services.

There’s no better place to go for security doors in Perth.

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