Whether you’re a Perth home, business owner, or both; protecting your property will no doubt be one of your top priorities.

Commercial or personal, your property is not only an essential financial asset but it’s a place where you make some of your most important transactions or memories.

As you know, we can get some pretty extreme weather conditions here in Perth. And if you want to protect your property from the elements, investing in a robust curtain wall system will make a wise move.

Curtain wall systems are strong, secure, and will keep you safe in even the harshest of elements.

Want to know more? Read our quickfire guide to Perth curtain wall systems to find out why you should consider installing one at your property.

How does a curtain wall system work?

At their core, curtain wall systems exist for keeping the weather out and your friends, family, or colleagues in.

Lightweight and designed to fit around a property’s exterior with ease, curtain wall systems provide a functional protective layer tailored to the shape or specs of the building.

Typically constructed with structural beams and specialized glazed units, our Perth curtain wall systems cater to a range of property types; both private and commercial.

The perks of curtain wall systems

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of curtain wall systems, we’re going to look at the key benefits—or perks—of investing in one for your home or commercial property.

Structural protection

One of the biggest benefits of a curtain wall system is its ability to reduce building sway in tough weather conditions or harsh elements.

By reducing sway, curtain wall systems can ease a property’s stress points, preserving its structural integrity for longer while protecting everyone inside when severe weather hits.

Weather resilience

Expanding on our last point, the robust, reliable, and waterproof nature of curtain wall systems means that your home or property will be far less likely to leak or suffer structural damage when the wind whistles or the skies open up.

Our Perth curtain wall systems act as both a buffer and an insulator, keeping out unwanted water and air when it counts.

Heat efficiency

Another clear-cut perk of curtain wall systems is the fact that they will help to reduce your energy bills.

By encasing your building in an additional protective layer, professionally installed and treated curtain wall systems can regulate temperature as well as airflow, making your interiors more comfortable and energy-efficient. Another win for curtain wall systems!

Fire reduction

In addition to thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, and structural protection—curtain wall systems can also make your property safer.

By acting as a resilient barrier, Perth curtain wall systems can slow the spread of fire between floors; significantly reducing the potential for damages while giving everyone inside the building more time to evacuate safely. Peace of mind is guaranteed.


Curtain wall systems essentially act as a solid protective skin. As such, your property will be more secure, harder to break into, and better protected against potential intruders.

Whether you’re talking about a home or commercial property, you can never be too careful. And we install our curtain wall systems with the utmost care and diligence for your safety.


Moving on from the functional to the fashionable: modern curtain wall systems look good.

These days, curtain wall systems offer a wealth of aesthetic options that are clean, slick, sophisticated, and will make your property look incredible—an added bonus to the long list of other protective perks these most robust of structural innovations have to offer.

Why Perth Homeguard?

If you’re looking to protect your property and the people within it, we have the tools and the talent to get the job done. If you want a Perth curtain wall system installed swiftly and safely, here are some of the reasons you should choose us:

  • 100% Aussie made products and innovations crafted right here in Perth.
  • Police licensed installation technicians with years of hands-on industry experience.
  • Free assessment of your property to tailor your system to your buildings’ exact needs and requirements.
  • 10-year warranty—a decade of peace of mind and our commitment to your safety as well as satisfaction.

Interested in getting a curtain wall system of your own? Call us on (08) 9209 8100 to ask us any questions about our services or products. Or, fill out our quick & easy inquiry form for a fast free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.