Commercial Roller Shutters Perth

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Experts in Commercial Roller Shutters Perth

Commercial Roller Shutters

Commercial Roller Shutters Perth

Are you looking for experts in commercial roller shutters in Perth? Perth Homeguard can help!

We understand the security of your business is your #1 concern. It’s never nice to think about someone breaking into your store or damaging your business, but if the worst should happen, are you 100% confident your business would be safe?

At Perth Homeguard, we believe that one of the best ways to ensure your business is secured and protected is to have it enclosed with premium-grade shutters.

For the past 30 years, our team has been designing, supplying and installing high-quality commercial roller shutters to protect & secure Perth’s businesses from break-ins and harsh weather. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies, including BHP, RIO Tinto, and Woodside, to secure their businesses. With a 10-year warranty and factory direct prices, you can’t go wrong with Perth Homeguard’s commercial shutters enclosures.

Can Commercial Shutters Protect My Business from Breaks-In?

Let’s be honest, that’s the question you want to be answered. There’s no point installing trendy security features like motion sensor lights or alarms that only alert you AFTER a break-in.

With cases of burglary, break-ins, and property damage all becoming increasingly common to businesses in Western Australia, we’re proud to offer a protective security system, not a reactive one. That means would-be burglars and vandals can’t access your property, shop or business in the first place.

We’re proud to design durable commercial roller doors Perth businesses can trust to offer maximum security and protection. Our shop shutters are fire & bullet-proof, resistant to rust, corrosion, and Australia’s harsh weather. We manufacture and install Commercial Shutters in Perth to suit your requirements, using only top quality products for ultimate durability & protection for Perth & WA conditions. Whether you want the counter of your bar, shop fronts, or your entire restaurant enclosed with aluminium roller shutters, we can help.

Your business is important to you, so it’s important to us too.


✔️ Shop-front windows & front/rear entrances

✔️ Mining accommodation and offices

✔️ Wet-mess & bar areas

✔️ Homes/Premises in high wind areas

✔️ School canteens & food servery areas

✔️ Storage areas

✔️ Factory entrances & openings

✔️ Mobile transport & trailers

✔️ Patio/Alfresco Enclosures

✔️ Partitioning between sections of a building

How Effective Are Commercial Roller Shutters?

Commercial roller shutters provide effective features across security and energy efficiency. From storms to fires and vandalism, your store has a layer of protection that keeps unwanted visitors out, and protects your stock and belongings.

Commonly used by retail outlets, pharmacists, food and beverage stores, bars and shopping centres, commercial roller doors are used by so many Perth businesses for one reason – they work.

We understand every cost associated with your business needs to be justified, so explore some of the further benefits of installing roller shutters on your business’ doors and windows:

✔️Save up to 40% on energy costs through efficient insulation

✔️Fewer robbery incidents due to high-level security barrier

✔️Wide variety of sizes suited to fit your commercial property

✔️Cost-effective and visual deterrent for potential thieves

✔️Provide a much safer space for you, your team and your business

Will Commercial Shutters Add Value to My Business?

Your business is only as successful as its reputation.

If your premises have been vandalised and damaged, public perception of your quality can take a nose-dive. On the flipside, a business that’s known for being secure and investing in quality window shutters and door shutters is seen as trusted.

Commercial shop shutters also add value to your business by reinforcing your security systems with up-to-date shutters. This protects your premise from being targeted by thieves who can cause thousands of dollars in damages, as well as deplete your stock and take money off your shelves. Not to mention the lower insurance premiums on offer when your business has a track record of safety and security.

In short, installing commercial shutters provides a fast operation and modernising feature that upscales the value of your Perth business.

Are shutters good for security?

Absolutely! 70% of thieves gain access to a property via the door. It’s not enough to lock your door and expect your business to be safe. The best shop roller shutters in Perth bring safety and security measures so you can sleep easy. Having commercial shutters on your business property lessens the risk of damage to your personal and commercial assets AND lowers your insurance premium. Win-win!

How long does it take to install commercial roller shutters in Perth?

Commercial roller shutter installation typically takes around 3-5 days, depending on the complexity and number of upgrades to your commercial shutters. The size of your roller shutters may also impact installation time, so ask us about our maximum roller shutter width today.

Do roller shutters reduce noise?

One of the many benefits of roller shutters is noise reduction. Studies show that roller shutters can eliminate up to 80% of noise entering your business, so it’s easy to focus on the task in front of you with your shutters down. In order to get best results, always hire a professional & fully-insured team for your roller shutter installation.


At Perth Homeguard out high-quality commercial shutters are bushfire-rated,  gun-shot tested, rust resistant, and can withstands Australia’s harsh weather. We hope you’ll never have to test ANY of those qualities, but it’s nice to know you’re protected should the worst happen. Across window shutters and door shutters, no one is getting in if you don’t want them to.

Do you have a roller shutters shop in Perth, WA?

Yes, we manufacture our shutter products locally. If you’ve ever Googled “half price shutters Perth” then you’re in luck. Our Perth based shop covers the whole Perth Metropolitan area – from Yanchep to Mandurah. As a proudly local business we’re able to cut the costs associated with middlemen and supply, and pass factory direct savings on to you. If you’re curious about enclosing your business with our shutters without paying upfront, our inhouse finance option may be able to help.

Do you install custom designed commercial roller shutters?

Yes, we design and install custom designed shutters to suit your business needs. These include window roller shutters and door shutters Whether you want the counter of your bar, shop fronts, or your entire restaurant enclosed with aluminium roller shutters, we can help. With our personalised expertise & professional service, you’ll always get the most suitable customised product for your needs.

Are Perth Homeguard’s shutters fire-tested?

After recent fires in WA, we undertook further testing to ensure our window roller shutters and door shutters could handle exposure to radiant heat. We wanted to make sure our products can handle MORE than what’s expected of them. As part of our protocol, we regularly check & test the performance & capacity of our products – and we’re proud to say our commercial roller doors can handle the heat!

As hot or burning embers can enter your business during a bushfire, a major factor in the ignition of a building isn’t necessarily direct flames. Commercial roller shutters have been credited with saving businesses from burning to the ground, showcasing the importance of choosing shutters that have been tried and tested.

Advanced Bushfire Protection from Sentry-Fireshield

Bushfires are an unfortunate reality in living in Australia’s most beautiful state (we’re not afraid to make that bold claim). With any luck you’ll never have to worry about the effect of fire damage to your business, but the truth is, flames don’t need to be in view to put your commercial property at risk.

Embers are able to travel many kilometres in the air, and are responsible for around 80% of commercial property damage during bushfire season.

Our “Sentry” AE401 Extruded Slat Profile Sentry-Fireshield is ideal to use for commercial & industrial properties – especially if you require extra strength, toughness and enhanced security.

Manufactured to the highest standards with state of the art equipment, the Sentry AE401 slat profile is a 40mm curved profile with the overall profile appearance clean and stylish with only a slight “V” groove line on the convex side as a non-vented profile.

If that sounds like more jargon than you’re looking for, here’s the translation – our bushfire-proof commercial doors keep flying embers out and protect your business from damage. So the next time the weather is hot and dry you can relax at the beach without worrying your greatest asset is at risk.

The controls on your own fire-resistant commercial roller door also allow you to lift the shutters to any level you choose, so you can block out sunlight as required.

Available in several coloured coatings, all of which are long-lasting and fade-resistant under demanding Australian conditions, you can opt for the powder coated colour of your choosing.


FREE Report:

Sentry Fireshield Roller Shutters

Rollashield Sentry Fireshield is ideal for residential or commercial use, particularly in areas prone to fire hazards.

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  • Lasting security & protection
  • Bush Fire Tested & Approved (download our eBook for more)

  • Barrier against damaging weather conditions

  • Advanced strength with lightweight materials

  • Controls to suit your situation – manual; electrical; spring-loaded; remote and/or override systems

  • Internal controls

  • Easy, minimal maintenance to reduce roller shutter repairs

  • Add value to your property (and bring insurance premiums down)

  • Create divides between sections of your workplace for security and safety

  • Added value to the property
  • Partitioning between sections of building

Why Perth Homeguard?

We get it, your business should never settle for second best, especially when your security is on the line. At Perth Homeguard we’re proud to offer a cost-effective AND premium roller door solution.

Below are some of the reasons why Perth businesses choose our products and services.

✔️10 Year Warranty

✔️Factory Direct Prices

✔️Interest-FREE Financing

✔️30 Years of Experience

✔️FREE Onsite Property Assessment

✔️Police licensed Installers

✔️Australian Made Products

✔️Custom & Modern Designs

✔️FREE No-obligation Quote

✔️The Latest Security Technology

✔️Australian Standards Compliant Products & Services

Interested to learn more about how our commercial roller shutters can help secure your business? Call us on (08) 9209 8100 or fill out this for a FREE quote .

What materials are Perth Home Guard commercial rollers shutters made of?

Our high-quality commercial roller shutters are made of aluminium and steel. These are the best materials to use for commercial roller shutter doors and they are finished for added protection against the elements. Our materials and components are built to last, which is why we can offer a 10-year warranty on installs.

What is the main difference between residential and commercial roller shutter doors?

The main difference is that of scope. Commercial stores will often need large and strong roller shutter doors to prevent entrance from the front (primarily). They also have to be easy to open up – you don’t want employees to be unable to access the store in the mornings. This is a huge advantage that Perth Homeguard has over the competition. Our products are smooth to operate without any glitches. They last for a long time so you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning shutters. Residential shutters are often placed on first floor windows and side doors, while the front door is more of a consideration for commercial outlets. Commercial outlets may also have containers and warehouses that need sturdy shutters on them for protection.

Are commercial roller shutters and roller doors the same thing?

Though they are governed under the same legislation, they are different products with a different design. A roller door consists of one large piece that rolls up. In contrast, roller shutters are made of a number of interlocking panels. This makes it easier to replace them if a single panel breaks.

What standards govern commercial roller shutters in Perth?

As a business owner, understand that there are certain standards that govern the installation, maintenance, and overall functionality of commercial roller shutters. The ‘WA OH&S Regulations Act 1996 – operation plant’ applies to all roller doors and roller shutters. They should be serviced twice a year as their considerable weight can pose a safety concern. If the shutters are in a damaged condition they are not to be used. Again, this problem can be avoided if you use Perth Homeguard commercial roller shutters – our products are built to last with a 10-year warranty and police-licenced install. Our commercial roller shutters are compliant with all legislation and are additional tested for safety across multiple dimensions.

What affects the price of commercial rollers shutters in Perth?

The price of commercial roller shutters in Perth will be affected by:

  • Material (typically steel/aluminium)
  • Manufacturers Price
  • Thickness
  • Powder Coating
  • Install
  • Total product dimensions
  • Customisation and components
  • Provider

What are the different kinds of commercial roller shutters?

There are many ways to classify roller shutters doors. They can mainly be classified first by their area of use – residential, commercial, or industrial. They can also be classified by their mode of operation – manual or electric. Finally, they can be classified by their material often (steel or aluminium). Roller shutters can also be perforated to allow air flow. This is relevant for commercial outlets in shopping malls that do not need protection from the elements. Commercial outlets will want to opt for electric commercial roller shutters. Generally, the heavier the roller shutters, the bigger the case for electrical over manual. Identify first what you are looking for, and then start shopping for roller shutters to fulfil those needs. Get in touch if you want more clarification on the different types of commercial roller shutters.

If you’re looking to secure your commercial business with premium roller shutters , call us on (08) 9209 8100 or fill out this for a FREE quote.

BEFORE YOU GO: We want to help you learn how to take care of your roller shutters so they last for many years. Prevent commercial roller door repairs with your own FREE downloadable care and maintenance sheet for you.

Care Maintenance

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Roller Shutter Care & Maintenance

Are you looking for more information on how to take care of your Perth residential roller shutters? Download our care and maintenance tips today.

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Why Choose Perth Homeguard

Supplying the best security shutters & security doors for over 30 years, we have a proven track record of helping the residential and commercial sectors in Perth get the highest level of security for their properties. There are countless reasons why homes and business owners choose our products and services and we’d like to share some of them with you – see below. If you want to experience the best customer support, excellent products and services with up to 10-year warranty, give us a call on Ph:(08) 9209 8100.

Interest Free Finance

Interest-Free Finance

In-house Interest-Free Finance, giving our clients fast & easy approvals with no hidden fees.

Aussie Made

100% Australian Made

Made right here in Perth for Perth conditions, giving our clients the best quality at factory direct prices

FREE Assessment

FREE Assessment

Free assessment of your property and security weak points & then develop and prioritise a security plan for you.

A Leading Manufacturer

A Leading Manufacturer

Unlike other security specialists, we don’t import our products from the cheapest overseas supplier. We make them right here in WA, using the finest materials and latest production techniques.

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

With our 10 year warranty, you can be confident that your property will be protected for the long run. Inquire now to find out more about our 10-year warranty.

Factory Direct Price

Factory Direct Price

You don’t pay for the middlemen, transportation cost or customs duty. We are the manufacturer, and you buy direct from us, and in the process, you save real money.

Police Licensed

Police Licensed

All of our installers are fully licenced, and bring decades of knowledge and expertise in designing and installing security systems. Our track record speaks for itself.



We’ve been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing security products for over 30 years, and our team boasts market-leading levels of knowledge and expertise.

“Trusted by Perth Home and Business owners for over 30 years”

Our Credibility
30 Years experience

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the team at Perth Homeguard have mastered the needs and requirements of WA homes and businesses when it comes to comfort, safety & security.

Factory Direct Price

Because we design and develop our security products right here in our Perth shop, rest assured you would get the best factory direct price if you purchase security products from us.

Police Licensed Installers

Our installers are Police Licensed which means if you choose to work with us, you will have peace of mind as the people that are working on your property are trustworthy and of good morale.

Member of SAIWA

All security consultants and installers are Licensed with the Commercial Agents division of WA Police Services. We are a proud member of the Security Agents Institute of WA with Security Agents Licence No: SA00182.

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We’re the manufacturer and we can guarantee factory direct pricing! Fill in the form below to request for a free quote or if you’d like our team to assess your property’s weak points.

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