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Secure what your property and family from bushfires. Install top fire-rated fire system products to your property. Policed-Licensed installers, 10-year warranty, Australian Made, and Interest-free finance.

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Experts in Fire Systems Perth

Fire Systems Perth

Fire Systems Perth

Are you looking for the most efficient ways to protect your loved ones and valuables from bushfires? Perth Homeguard can help.

Protecting Your Home From Fire

When it comes to adding security and protection to your home against bushfires, it’s very important to consider the products and the manufacturer you deal with. Ensuring you get fire-rated products that have been tested and comply with Australian Standards is critical. At Perth Homeguard we guarantee that our fire systems have been tested and proven to work during bushfires.

Our Two Best Fire Systems

Ponzio PF152 EI 30, EI 60

A curtain wall of the transom post system PF152 of fire resistance.

Ponzio PE78EI

The three-chamber system is designed to perform internal or external firewalls.

It shouldn’t just be a fire that your system needs to protect but as well as protection from intruders and burglars – we have all the most advanced products for you.

Colour Options to Fit Your Perth’s Architecture

We understand that apart from security and protection, products to be used by Perth homeowners should also complement their architecture. With a range of colour options available, we can design a fire system that will add curb appeal and boost the value of your property.

Aside from the obvious, life-saving benefits of fire systems, there are some great benefits you may not have heard of.

  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Enhance overall security of your property
  • Enhance your property value
  • Help lower the energy cost
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected

For more information about our top-rated fire system products call us on (08) 9209 8100 or click here to send us your enquiry.

What products does Perth Homeguard offer to protect my home from fire?

Actually, most of the products offered by Perth Homeguard assist against bush fires, including our aluminium roller shutter doors, curtain walls, and stainless steel mesh systems. We provide products that ‘double up’ as far as security is concerned. Our products are tested to be resistant to bush fires, bullets, burglars, pressure, knives, heat, cold, wind, frost, moisture, and many other elements. They can also reduce noise and enhance thermal efficiency.

What is a curtain wall?

A curtain wall is most frequently seen in office blocks. It is a ‘wall’ of glass held together with a steel/aluminium frame. Due to its design, it is resistant to fire – there is no flammable materials used in the construction and nothing for a fire to burn up. We offer Ponzio PF 152 Mullion fire resistant curtain walls. This signifies that the curtain wall is fire resistant as per official standards. The 152 system allows the construction of straight or arched aluminium architectures with both external and internal corners. It also allows for interior gardens. The width of mullions and transoms is 52 mm.

How is the fire resistance of glass classified?

Glass can be classified as either E, EW, or EL. EL represents the top range of fire resistance. The 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 digits after the EL denotes how many minutes the glass remains resistant to the flames. Our glass resistant fire system is available in EL 30 and EL 60. To achieve a fire rating, panels of glass are exposed to heat and flames, and their durability is tested over time. Glass is also tested for the level of impact it can withstand and how resistant it is to bullets. At least, Perth Homeguard performs these tests in line with the relevant rules and regulations.

What regulatory standards are your fire systems compliant with?

All of our products are tested through the National Authority of Testing Australia (‘NATA’) which is the premier organization for the testing of products and services so they are in compliance with official regulations. Our products are Bush Fire Tested and Floating Ember Safe. AS 1530.8.1 is the bushfire testing regulation providing the techniques for assessing the performance of external construction elements when exposed to radiant heat and burning embers. This test simulates the radiant heat from a bushfire and further mimics small amounts of accumulated burning organic debris to ensure the product is floating ember safe.

Are fire systems in Perth really necessary?

Perth actually suffers from bushfires and fires, in general, more than most other regions in Australia. And Australia as a whole is actually quite prone to bushfires compared to other countries due to its climate. Estimates of the damage caused by bushfires alone are around $10 billion per year. In early 2021 alone, over 70 homes in Perth were destroyed in a single bushfire. With increasingly volatile weather conditions, fire systems are more necessary than ever.

Does Perth Homeguard offer internal fire systems?

We provide installation of the PONZIO PE78EI fire system. This allows for both internal and external firewalls. These are glass panels that are fire and smoke resistant and also offer a high level of thermal insulation. You can install these inside your home as a mechanism of slowing down an internal fire, which will allow residents time to evacuate safely. This is a 3 chamber system also offering acoustic insulation.

For more information on our precisely engineered fire systems, call us now on (08) 9209 8100 or click here to send us your enquiry.

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Why Choose Perth Homeguard

Supplying the best security shutters & security doors for over 30 years, we have a proven track record of helping the residential and commercial sectors in Perth get the highest level of security for their properties. There are countless reasons why homes and business owners choose our products and services and we’d like to share some of them with you – see below. If you want to experience the best customer support, excellent products and services with up to 10-year warranty, give us a call on Ph:(08) 9209 8100.

Interest Free Finance

Interest-Free Finance

In-house Interest-Free Finance, giving our clients fast & easy approvals with no hidden fees.

Aussie Made

100% Australian Made

Made right here in Perth for Perth conditions, giving our clients the best quality at factory direct prices

FREE Assessment

FREE Assessment

Free assessment of your property and security weak points & then develop and prioritise a security plan for you.

A Leading Manufacturer

A Leading Manufacturer

Unlike other security specialists, we don’t import our products from the cheapest overseas supplier. We make them right here in WA, using the finest materials and latest production techniques.

10 Year Warranty

10 Year Warranty

With our 10 year warranty, you can be confident that your property will be protected for the long run. Inquire now to find out more about our 10-year warranty.

Factory Direct Price

Factory Direct Price

You don’t pay for the middlemen, transportation cost or customs duty. We are the manufacturer, and you buy direct from us, and in the process, you save real money.

Police Licensed

Police Licensed

All of our installers are fully licenced, and bring decades of knowledge and expertise in designing and installing security systems. Our track record speaks for itself.



We’ve been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing security products for over 30 years, and our team boasts market-leading levels of knowledge and expertise.

“Trusted by Perth Home and Business owners for over 30 years”

Our Credibility
30 Years experience

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the team at Perth Homeguard have mastered the needs and requirements of WA homes and businesses when it comes to comfort, safety & security.

Factory Direct Price

Because we design and develop our security products right here in our Perth shop, rest assured you would get the best factory direct price if you purchase security products from us.

Police Licensed Installers

Our installers are Police Licensed which means if you choose to work with us, you will have peace of mind as the people that are working on your property are trustworthy and of good morale.

Member of SAIWA

All security consultants and installers are Licensed with the Commercial Agents division of WA Police Services. We are a proud member of the Security Agents Institute of WA with Security Agents Licence No: SA00182.

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We’re the manufacturer and we can guarantee factory direct pricing! Fill in the form below to request for a free quote or if you’d like our team to assess your property’s weak points.

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If you want a product that will do the job of protecting your home and assets properly, you need to invest in their products. The products which provide best security in home as well as office.

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Good products, good prices, great service.
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I’d just like to share a short feedback on how I felt about this firm. One of my friends had recommended me for home security solutions. I need a diamond grill for my window after long negotiation with another company. I found this is the most reliable & trustable firm whom I can believe upon. I was surprised they have just beaten a quote. Mike has recommended the right product for my home. Everyone at this firm is really amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s looking out for any.
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I was recommended by my friend Nikki who has been a long customer of Perth Homeguard. Previously I have trusted other home security solutions but at the time of service they do not give proper service. So, In Perth Homeguard I found the best service after warranty of the product plus I loved the quote they have given to me nobody can give such a quote in Australia. I love their service very much. Thanks Mike.

Rezaur Rehaman
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