Double Glazing

Perth Homeguard Pty Ltd has invested in the quality of products and processes, pursuing constant improvement of the same and aiming at customer satisfaction. These objectives are pursued in full environmental compatibility and with particular attention to the health and safety of workers and other subjects operating within the structure.



Our custom-made roller shutters are perfectly suited to your home or business. We can create them to fit any window or door, giving many benefits to your property. Shutters can enhance the security of any building. They offer extra safety from both crime and the environment. We have a range of roller shutters available. Perth Homeguard can ensure that your property receives the ultimate in protection. We will also ensure that it looks great too.


A single weak spot in your security can be an opening for a sly thief. That’s why you need to make sure that all your doors and screens are strengthened and secure. You can not risk the possibility of a criminal finding an opening. Or a trespasser breaking in. Our security doors are made of the most durable and strongest materials on the market. All our security doors and screens are custom made to a superior standard that you can count on.


As the leading developer and manufacturer of high quality and innovative aluminium systems, heroal sets a new and unique standard for hurricance and impact protection worldwide. Our hurricane protection systems can be adapted to fit different types of windows and doors.


Quality, innovation and specialization are the foundations of the PHG philosophy, the cornerstones of the production of increasingly complete and diversified aluminum window systems. All this is made possible by the use of personnel with high levels of experience and professionalism, constantly updated on new technologies and able to guarantee a high capacity of performance and quality of the finished product. The designer and the window manufacturer can count on complete assistance, on a design support that allows them to fully satisfy their client.

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