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Heroal Hurricane

Heroal Hurricane Protection Systems

As the leading developer and manufacturer of high quality and innovative aluminium systems, heroal sets a new and unique standard for hurricance and impact protection worldwide. Our hurricane protection systems can be adapted to fit different types of windows and doors.

Why Heroal Systems Special?


Burglar Resistance

Winding Technology

Quality Made in Germany

Noise Protection

Radiation Resistive Surface

Protection raised to the highest level of defense

This unique system is consists of the highly robust roll – formed stainless steel slat heroal RS 53 RC 3 and the established guide rail, which are assembled with the reinforced box system. Apart from the confirmed outstanding hurricane protection, this system sets standards for break-in-resistance and security among roller shutters. As a system on standby , reliable protection can be ensured at the press of a button at any time. Be certain that once set up, this roller shutter protects against damages caused by extreme weather or intruders . With the heroal hurricane protection system for areas that require category E rated products, customers can experience the reliability of German engineering. Take advantage of a high level protection and the unparalleled benefits of a foam – filled roller shutter slat, exclusively manufactured by heroal.

Dependability in a straight line design approach

  • highest level of hurricane protection possible
  • exclusive provider of a roll -formed and foam -filled stainless steel slat
  • premium quality components to provide the next level of protection against all kinds of threats
  • best protection for property and belongings

Optimal Protection For Private Properties

Your home is unique an expression of individuality personality and a safe place for all residents to come together. Recent statistics high light the need for residents to prepare their property for all kinds of impacts. It is important to not only prepare for a hurricane, but also for the time beforeĀ  and afterward. The unique heroal hurricane protection systems guarantee your privacy and also protect what is valuable to you, while drastically reducing the risk of burglary. With more than 50 years of experience in roller shutters products, heroal offers high – quality and a complete system to protect your home and your loved ones.

Aside from impact protection, a heroal hurricane protection system offers many additional benefits. German quality and refined technology combined with increased energy efficiency makes these systems a perfect add on to your home and daily life. The installation of this product will increase the value of any property and create a unique design just on its own.

Our System your advantage:

The combination of the reliable heroal standard safe slat RS 53 RC 2 , the strengthened HVHZ guide rails and the well proven GKSE end caps and panels has been tested and approved according to ASTM standards. The system does not only ensure superior protection against storms and all kinds of weather extremes but also against vandalism and break ins.

Protection in its beautiful form:

  • heroal high weather resistant (hwr) surface or 2 layer thick coating
  • elegant protection shutters
  • design feature for your home

System and Performance Features

Heroal hurricane
protection system
Category D
Heroal hurricane
protection system
Category E
Coverage Width [mm] 51 51
Max Width [mm] 3200 3200
Max. Height [mm] 3048 3048
Max. Area [m2] 9.75 9.75
Weight [kg/m2] 10.5 18
Box Sizes 205 and 300 205 and300
Box System GKSE . .
Guide Rails HVHZ . .


heroal 2- layer thick coating *
Satinless steel *
High density foam * *

Slat Properties

Burglar resistance *
Hail class *
High density foam * *

Application Areas

Non HVHZ *

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