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Every year, homeowners across Australia face the threat of damage to their property and loss of valuables due to bushfires. In the 2019-2020 bushfire season, Western Australia alone lost over 2.2 million hectares to bushfires. These devastating bushfires can cause massive damage to homes and businesses for millions of people, making fire-rated protection crucial.

While the flames of a bushfire are most destructive, they can also generate excessive heat and embers that breach windows and doors. These can quickly become points of entry for embers and flames, leaving your property more susceptible to fire and damage.

One way to stave off this threat is by installing bushfire roller shutters which are fire rated to withstand heat and floating embers to help protect your home. While there are many kinds of roller shutters, it is imperative that you select safety tested and rated shutters specifically for bushfires.

Here at Perth Homeguard, we supply and install products that are rated BAL40 (the second highest attack level). Our fire-rated products are vigorously tested to resist fire and reduce 90% of heat at entry points, while all of our products are made using only the highest quality aluminium and steel, guaranteeing maximum protection. To learn more or request a free estimate, call us on 08 9209 8100.

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